Young Indian Vegetarians organize 35th Annual Christmas Lunch

YIV Xmas DinnerThe Young Indian Vegetarians organized their 35th Annual Christmas Lunch. Around 120 people enjoyed a variety of Vegan dishes. The Mayor of Croydon Patricia Hay-Justice and the leader of the Council who is a Vegetarian were amongst the guest. The event introduces guests to a world of delicious Vegan fayre and promotes friendship amongst the diverse community of Croydon. Serving the food are Claire O’Sullivan, Jyoti Mehta, Gabriel Rosser and Matthew Pearce.

Could Your New Year’s Resolution Change the World?

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How would it be if we could make a New Year’s resolution that would change the world?  By pledging to eat less meat or by giving up eating meat, we can.

This is not only a compassionate alternative (billions of animals suffer in factory farms around the world every year) but it will also save the planet from global warming.

You can start by joining Paul McCartney’s Meat Free Monday campaign here

Or, better still, change to a healthy, plant-based diet completely.

The report produced by the influential think-tank, Chatham House, on 24th November, entitled Changing Climate, Changing Diets: Pathways to Lower Meat Consumption, states that almost 15% of global emissions are caused by the livestock sector and a reduction in meat consumption could drastically reduce emissions. Its findings were that:

  • Our appetite for meat is a major driver of climate change.
  • Reducing global meat consumption will be critical to keeping global warming below the ‘danger level’ of a two degrees Celsius rise.
  • Public awareness of the issue is low, and meat remains off the policy agenda.
  • Governments must lead in shifting attitudes and behaviours.

The report can be read at and comes on top of a decision by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to classify meat as carcinogenic.

So go on, give up eating meat and make a New Year’s resolution that will change the world.


AIA Patron, Nitin Mehta MBE, in Independent on Meat Eating & Climate Change

Nitin MehtaOn 29th December 2015, The Independent published the following letter from AIA Patron, Nitin Mehta MBE, about the effects of meat-eating on climate change.

Dear Sir,

The article by Tom Bawden (24 Dec), regarding the potential of mass migration and human suffering due to global warming makes sobering reading. What is often overlooked is that  the biggest causes of global warming is the methane gas produced by billions of farm animals raised for meat. Almost 40% of world’s fresh water resources is used up in raising these animals. Animals are voracious consumers of water. Over grazing is turning huge swathes of the Earth into deserts. Almost 40% of worlds cereals are fed to these animals rather then feeding the poor. The billions of tones of waste produced by these animals seep into our waterways causing massive pollution and acid rain which destroy trees. Unless human beings turn away from a meat based diet to a plant based diet, a catastrophe awaits us. 

The solution to solving the global warming crisis is not with international treaties but with each one of us.

Let us be the change we want.

Nitin Mehta MBE