Meatless Pledge Day – 25 November

25 November is International Meatless Day, Animal Rights Day, SAK (Stop All Killing). 

SAKThis is a concept developed by those who concurred with Sadhu Vaswani when he proclaimed that the creation of God is bound by the golden chains to the Feet of the One God, the One Divine Father of us all. People are requested, in recognition of this ideal, to refrain from eating non-vegetarian food on this day. Since this concept was developed this movement has gathered infinite momentum and the last few years have seen pledges from well over 10 million across the globe. Such has been the consciousness that a number of states in India voluntarily shut their abattoirs on that day. However, this is not enough and we need to endeavour to move more people to this level of consciousness.

Dada J P Vaswani believes that the 21st century will bear witness to the establishment of rights to animals. He has tirelessly led a crusade for animal rights. STOP ALL KILLING. He believes that there should be a Charter of Animal Rights and a Charter of Man’s duties towards the animals. Animals have certain fundamental rights. And the very first right of every animal is the right to live.

Here is a Pledge Form.  Kindly print or forward it to as many of your contacts as possible. Either post the forms to the address shown at the bottom of the form or scan them and email to the address shown. Please remember we want these forms by 20 November 2015.

SVC-MeatlessForm-120815 (1)


  1. I am a vegetarian. Do I still need to pledge?

     Yes, you may pledge to do an act of kindness to a bird or an animal on that day.

  1. Do I have to remain a vegetarian for life?

     No you don’t but you must refrain from foods of violence on 25 November. However, it would be good food for thought if you considered becoming a vegetarian for life.

  1. I pledged last year, do I have to pledge again?

    Yes, you need to renew your pledge each year.

  1. I have already pledged this year. Do I need to pledge again?

     Thank you for pledging. You don’t have to pledge again.

  1. What is SAK?

It stands for Stop All Killing. We are taught that we must create and foster reverence for All Life, in the belief that ALL Life must be regarded as sacred.

A Taste of Persia Cookery Class

SHAMBHU'S logo with fancy slogan

Shambhu’s chef, Nishma Shah will be accompanied by Tanaz Assefi, an enthusiastic and highly skilled cook, who will share her culinary expertise picked up from her cultural upbringing in Iran. Together they will teach you a variety of delicious plant-based Persian fare that is healthy, simple and practical to make at home.

Veg Food

Date & time: Saturday 26th September, 4pm to 6.30pm Venue: The Calthorpe Project (near Kings Cross, central London) Book your place now:

Last Chance to Buy Dalai Lama Tickets

Dalai Lama

Special tickets sales for the Indian community and supporters of the Animal Interfaith Alliance closes on 31 August, after which ticket sales will be open to the public and are expected to sell very quickly.

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to see His Holiness, the Dalai Lama

20th September 2015, 13.30 to 15.00

London Coliseum, Trafalgar Square, London WC2


Talk by His Holiness the Dalai Lama to the UK Indian Communities followed by Questions and Answers.

For more details click here …

Special Laudato Si’ Edition of The Ark is Out Now

Ark 231 front coverAIA member organisation, Catholic Concern for Animals has dedicated its autumn/winter 2015 edition of The Ark to Pope Francis’ new encyclical, Laudato Si’.  This is available for download on CCA’s new website at

Catholic Concern for Animals warmly welcomes Laudato Si’, as it represents a major paradigm shift in the Catholic Church’s attitude towards the Creation, nature and particularly to the other animals with whom we share this planet.  Pope Francis attacks mankind’s ‘tyrannical anthropocentrism’ and highlights the interrelatedness and interconnectedness of all life.  He has moved the Catholic Church away from anthropocentric theology, which views nature and other animals as being made solely for mankind’s use, and he has reinstated the teachings of St Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals from whom he has taken his name, on the mystical unity man shares with nature.

This encyclical is not just about climate change, as many commentators are saying, but it is about mankind’s fundamental relationship with the natural world, and it represents a spiritual transformation, in which we must understand that the whole of creation is important to God, not just man.  Laudato Si’ opens up a whole new era of concern for the earth, the environment and for all God’s creatures.  From now on, mankind must be the caring steward of creation and no longer exercise the tyranny of dominion. Pope Francis says, ‘Our “dominion” over the universe should be understood more properly in the sense of responsible stewardship’ (LS:116).